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Higher education glossary:
Published in 2005, the book contains description on the Finnish higher education system with nearly 900 central higher education terms in Finnish, Swedish, French, German, and Russia. Useful if one wants to
acquaint oneself with Finnish higher education system and wants to find the equivalent terminology in different languages.

Publishing information: Korkeakoulusanasto = Högskoleordlista = Higher education glossary = Hochschulglossar = Glosario de la educación superior = Vocabulaire de l´ enseignement supérieur / Niina Elomaa (ed.); vol. 2, Helsinki : Council of State & University Press & Ministry of Education, 2005. - 563 p.
ISBN 951-570-616-5
Language Service Publication Series / Office of the Council of State, ISSN 1235-7332)

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