Seminar in Petrozavodsk April 2006

The main aim of the seminar was to introduce the concept

The meeting on 2.-3. April consisted of three parts:
1) administrative questions
2) content and methodological questions
3) discussions in separate working groups of each Master's Program

Minutes of the meeting (in Finnish, pdf file 125 kb)

Minutes of the meeting (in Russian, pdf file 250 kb)

Attachments of the minutes (exl. presentations):

  • List of participants (pdf file 60 kb)

  • Working group members/contact persons of Russian universities in the international Master Program of Comparative Research in Social Welfare and Social Work (in Finnish, pdf file130 kb - in Russian pdf file 115 kb)

  • Description of the project organization and management (Tatiana Khrol-Lappalainen, in Finnish, pdf file 60 kb - in Russian pdf file 60 kb)



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