Cross Border University,
Rector Meeting 20.2.2009

University of Oulu, Finland



Chair Rector Ylä-Kotola/Rector Lajunen

  Opening words Rector Ylä-Kotola and Rector Lajunen

Short situation reports on the BCBU Master’s Programs
Update of the current situation and actual problems of each Master’s program



Possible new master’s programs

Master’s Programme in Law; others

  The role/status of partner universities in the BCBU and in implementation of the Master’s programs

University of the Arctic Outi Snellman, Vice-President, Administration, UArctic


Funding possibilities (pdf, 510 kb)
Honkamäkilä, EU Coordinator
University of Oulu

  • Possible financing instruments in both partner countries, European and international instruments


Marketing possibilities of the BCBU Master’s programmes (pdf, 170 kb)
Katja Kurasto, Project Coordinator, Oulu University of Applied Sciences

  • Study in Oulu –marketing project



Agreements: possible up-date of the general framework agreement

(see Leena Lehtinen’s presentation in Arkhangelsk in Oct 2008, pdf 1,7 Mb)


Development plans of BCBU

  • Progress of the Bologna process

  • Double/joint degree arrangements (update)

  • Education policy of the Barents Region

  • Expanding BCBU beyond founding members – possible new members

  • Short presentation of the Hokkaido University (pdf, 1,2 Mb) by Vice-President Mr. Takeo Hondo
  Other issues introduced by the Rectors
  Conclusions and closing

See also the Minutes and Bulletin 5


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