Barents Cross Border University,
Rector Meeting 14.3.2008

VENUE University of Lapland





·          Rector Mauri Ylä-Kotola, University of Lapland

·          Rector Lauri Lajunen, University of Oulu


Representative from the Ministry of Education of Finland, Ilkka Turunen



Rectors ntroduced the current situation of implementing Master’s programs at their universities

§                  Arkhangelsk State Technical University

§                  Karelian State Pedagogical University

§                  Murmansk Humanities Institute

§                  Murmansk State Pedagogical University

§                  Murmansk State Technical University

§                  Northern State Medical University

§                  Petrozavodsk State University

§                  Pomor State University


Reports of the Master’s programmes

§                  Social Work (Professor Kyösti Urponen)

§                  Environmental Engineering (Vice-Rector Riitta Keiski)

§                  Information Systems (Development Manager Kari Pankkonen)

§                  Circumpolar Health and Well-being (Director Arja Rautio)




Deciding on the next steps

16:00 -17:00


Conclusions and closing



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